Dear Salem District Residents:

I hereby announce my candidacy for the Salem District Seat on the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors. I am running to help foster an efficient and transparent Culpeper County Government. 

Culpeper County needs to accomplish more without increasing taxes. Ideally, we’ll find ways to lower the tax burden. Schools, Parks, and other public services and infrastructure are essential to our county; we should seek to provide appreciated services with the minimal tax burden. I agree with the majority of Culpeper voters that Culpeper County should not fund the construction of a YMCA.

Our Culpeper County government works for us. I am proud of County staff and the job they perform. We should be looking to reduce regulations, not to increase them. A reduction in regulations will allow staff to be even more responsive.

Excepting County personnel decisions and very few other sensitive topics, all county meetings should be conducted publicly. Transparency helps us understand what is being done and why.

I am seeking the nomination of the Republican Party for the Salem District seat, because I believe my views best align with the Republican Creed. I am running, however, to serve all constituents. I seek the support of all citizens, whether Republican, Democrat, or other. My goal is to work to improve Culpeper County.

I ask for your vote this November, and I ask for support at a party canvas if there is a contest for the Republican nomination.  


Tom Underwood
Reva, VA
March 6, 2019
Underwood Farms

Culpeper County, Virginia
Polled Hereford Cattle
Paid for by Friends of Tom Underwood.  I, Tom S. Underwood, have filed a Statement of Organization to campaign for a seat on the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.  I operate this website, and it is used for the purposes of my personal farm and the purposes of Underwood Farms, LLC, and it could be construed as being used for my campaign.