Culpeper's Future

​Culpeper County is a vibrant, welcoming, growing community. We have families that have been here for 10+ generations interspersed with those who are moving here now. It is easy to join the community and get involved with almost any passion or pursuit. We’re going to continue to grow and prosper, and I hope we do so with an expanding sense of pride in our community.

Some in Culpeper wish to increase regulations and decrease property rights to stop growth. I understand fond memories of the past and the desire for a more rural area. As Aristotle noted, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” It is crucial that we work to find opportunities to grow Culpeper’s front office rather than becoming northern Virginia’s back office and bedroom. Greater freedom through fewer restrictions will offer opportunities for us to create new ideas and new businesses. My experience is that people that move to Culpeper want to find a way to stay here. Given the chance, they would prefer not to commute and would like to live, work and shop locally.  

We’re fortunate in that our economic area is larger than Culpeper County. I meet people from Orange, Madison, Rappahannock and Fauquier in Culpeper’s restaurants and shops frequently. It’s a more pleasant drive to Culpeper from all of those locations, and there is a lot to do here!

For various reasons that I am happy to discuss in the future, Culpeper’s growth in the last decade has not led to tax growth. In fact, tax rates continue to decline in Culpeper even as Culpeper’s budget grows. Even adjusting for appreciating real estate values, Culpeper’s tax rate is not increasing.

I hope Culpeper’s future is one of freedom, optimism, vibrant culture, and pride in our home county. I hope our children and grandchildren look forward to living in Culpeper when they’re grown. I will work to preserve the sense of community and create an enticing environment for younger generations as Culpeper continues to grow. I’m excited for our future, and I hope you’ll vote for me November 5, 2019.  

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Culpeper County, Virginia
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