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Land Use Taxation is Good for Central Virginia Counties
Thoughts on Education of Children
Land Of Opportunity
Trees in Madison and Culpeper Counties
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Cattle Breeding Thoughts
Update on Underwood Farms' Breeding Goals
Linebreeding and Genetics
Problems with Cattle EPD's and Proposed Solutions
How We Found Culpeper and Entered the Cattle Business
Why There is Resistance to a National Cattle ID System
We're Paying Less Attention to EPD's

Culpeper Board of Supervisors Updates from 2007-2009
Local Government Update and Opinions from My Time in Office a Few Years Ago

Underwood Farms

Culpeper and Madison Counties, Virginia
Polled Hereford Cattle

Paid for by Friends of Tom Underwood.  I, Tom S. Underwood, have field a Statement of Organization to campaign for a seat on the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.  I operate this website, and it is used for the purposes of my personal farm and the purposes of Underwood Farms, LLC, and it could be construed as being used for my campaign.  My costs for the website is less than $10 per month, and the space allotted on this site for anything considered political should be considered an in kind contribution by the Friends of Tom Underwood, Tom Underwood, or Underwood Farms, LLC.  I wish to comply with the law, and if anyone knows how I should enhance this disclaimer, please contact me at