Underwood Farms
Culpeper County, Virginia
Gene and Opie

The history of Underwood Farms dates to April 2000, when Tom Underwood decided to purchase the Gore Farm in Reva, Virginia.  At the time, Underwood was a 29 year-old Director of Priceline.com’s hotel operations and an equity research analyst for Legg Mason.  

2015-Present: An Underwood Family Farm

The Beginnings of Underwood Farms in Reva in Tom's Words

History of the Underwood Farms Registered Hereford Cattle Herd

In Memory of Gene Timmons (1938-2007), the First and Only Farm Manager of Underwood Farms (2000-2005)

In Memory of Tom's brother, Chris Underwood (1972-2009), who helped Tom select the purchase of the Underwood Farm in Reva

In Memory of Tom Underwood Sr., managing partner of Underwood Farms from 2003-2020

Polled Hereford Cattle
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