Transparency In Government

​Our government works best on all levels when there is an informed citizenry and a moral foundation. Transparency to me means shining as much light and reasoning on an issue is possible, and openly encouraging discourse and participation. It sounds minor, but fostering transparency is important. It improves confidence in government, even among those that may disagree on an issue. It is very easy to be transparent. It is more difficult to seem transparent while enacting an agenda, but those in government have perfected a few tricks. Among your two choices this November 5, 2019, I believe I will best be able to foster transparency in Culpeper County government.

Sometimes, governments pass laws without citizens understanding the law or why it was passed. There are a few techniques that can be used to deflect attention. At the local level, controversial laws can be considered in July and December. July is beneficial because the local government meets on the first Tuesday, and there is a lot of focus on the 4th of July holiday around the first Tuesday. December is advantageous, because it is after an election, sometimes includes lame-duck members, and is at a time of year where voters are focused on the holidays.

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