Fiber to the Home and Improved Cell Service

It’s easy to be for internet and cell service. I plan to act to improve both. First, we should set the goal of fiber to every home in Culpeper County, and we should have a plan to work with private companies to achieve the goal. Nelson County via Firefly offers a model of how to achieve fiber to the home, and I have been working with others to help facilitate more fiber in Culpeper County.

Additionally, I encourage and support cell tower growth. Approximately half of the land area of the Salem District has poor or no cell coverage, despite the approval of a new cell tower in Boston, Virginia, in 2016. Culpeper’s Comprehensive Plan needs to much more aggressively support new tower construction, and we need to work with tower companies to cost effectively build towers and get cell carriers on them.

The accompanying photo shows “wired coverage” of Culpeper County. The map was based upon census tracts, and in reality, coverage in Reva is approximately half of what is shown on the map. The issue is important enough to more accurately document coverage and work to develop a plan to expand coverage.

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