Tom Underwood is the Salem District representative of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.  He was elected in November 2007.  His term began January 1, 2008, and runs through December 2011.

During the election, Underwood published a platform online, along with his thoughts on current issues facing local voters.  The election platform, along with Tom's views on core government functions, will remain available through links below.  Additionally, updates will be published with Tom's take on the progress of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.

Just as our Congressman does not speak for all of Congress, Underwood does not speak for the Board of Supervisors.  The views expressed below are in Tom's own words and represent his outlook on the issues as the Salem District Representative.  Underwood states, "I am writing updates every couple of months so that citizens of the Salem District in Culpeper County understand my outlook on some issues facing county government.  The audience I am soliciting for communication is voters in Reva, Boston, Salem, Griffinsburg, Norman, White Shop and Waylands Mill.  The update is mine as a district representative on the Board.  Updates on behalf of the entire Board are written by the Board Chairman and published in the Culpeper Minutes."

Culpeper Board of Supervisors  2008-2010
July 2010 Update
December 2008 Update
September 2008 Update
Late June 2008 Update - We're Getting Along: Potential Culpeper Town/County Agreement
April 2008 Update - Discussion on Taxes, PPEA, Consolidation
Supervisor Update - January 2008

Recap of Culpeper Board of Supervisors Campaign 2007
Why Tom Ran for Local Office - May 2007 letter to Constituents
In June 2007, the Field is Set for the November 2007 Election - It's a 3-Way Race!
Underwood's Campaign Platform  on Local Issues - August 2007

Tom Underwood's Political Views
Why the Tea Party Movement Exists, and Why It is Good
Time To Comprehensively Audit the Federal Reserve
Thoughts on Education of Children
Land Of Opportunity
Why Culpeper County Needs a New Rural Zoning Ordinance
Proposal for Culpeper County's A-1 and RA Sections of the Zoning Ordinance
It's True, Tom is Proud to be a Republican
Culpeper Visions

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