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Culpeper County, Virginia
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Polled Hereford Cattle
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If you are proud of your breeding, and it is not based upon current popular bulls, we'd like to buy your Hereford Cattle!

We at Underwood Farms are embarking on a wide-ranging experiment.  Our registered Hereford herd for the last six years has been based upon the best performing and most popular bulls in the Hereford breed.

Do you have a registered Hereford herd that you have been building without contemporary influence for years?  Did you avoid the fashion craze of giant Herefords in the past couple of decades?  If so, we may be interested in buying some or all of your herd.

Underwood Farms is looking for unique registered Hereford seed stock.  Our view of the ideal Hereford cow is a 900-1250 pound mature animal that can wean half of her mature weight without creep feed each year for more than ten years.  We realize that this is a high standard, and we’re willing to consider cattle that come close, but perhaps do not quite meet the weaning weight portion of the standard.

We have cattle from Feltons, Remitall, Mohican, Knoll Crest, Dunwalke, Boyd, Oxley, and other popular breeders.  What we are looking for are registered Hereford cattle without these influences.  We are looking for Hereford’s where we do not recognize a name in the last 6+ generations of the pedigree.  Our only other rigid requirement is that mature dams (5-6 years old) in good condition weigh less than 1300 pounds.  If you have seed stock that can help us or know of someone that does, please call or e-mail us.

By the way, we do not care if your registered Herefords have EPD's.  If they do have EPD's, the numbers will not influence our decision making.  If you have kept data on your cattle, we possibly will find your data useful.

The picture below, taken from the entertaining, opinionated, and informative "Hereford Husbandry,"  published in 1941, represents the kind of Herefords that we'd like to find.  We realize that such animals probably don't exist, but they are closer to what we at Underwood Farms are looking for than the current national champions.