Underwood Farms
Culpeper County, Virginia
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Underwood Farms was founded in July 2000 when Tom Underwood purchased 270 acres known as the Gore Farm in Reva, Virginia.  Tom's description of his entry into the cattle business on the Gore Farm and his rationale for purchasing the Gore Farm can be found by clicking here.

From 2001-2004, Underwood continued to purchase adjoining acreage as it became available.  The current Underwood Farm in Reva consists of 433 acres, located from Hwy 29 west of Reva Road, along the west side of Reva Road to Duncan Trail, with the expection of the 20-acre Fox Spring Hollow Bed & Breakfast..

In July 2003, Tom, along with his father, formed Underwood Farms LLC.  Underwood Farms LLC purchased White Rock, a 250 acre farm located near Etlan in Madison County.  Much of White Rock has been sold and served as a precursor to the Underwood Farms Sale/Leaseback program.  Underwood Farms still manages a 34 cow registered cattle herd on White Rock.

In January 2004, Underwood Farms purchased Duet, a 100 acre farm located in Duet, Virginia, between Haywood and Etlan approximately one mile from White Rock.  Duet serves as the western base for Underwood Farms’ registered Hereford herd.

Underwood Farms more recently purchased and sold Reva Farms, 215 acres on both Hoover Road and James City Road in Madison County, and Woodsridge, 48 acres located near Tryme.  Additional farms have been purchased throughout Culpeper and Madison Counties.

In 2005, Underwood Farms’ owners founded Mitchell Mountain LLC, and land investment company.  Mitchell Mountain’s largest holding is the Bickers Farm, 450 acres near Leon, Virginia.  Additionally, the company owns land near Mitchell Mountain and additional land near Novum.

Underwood Farms did not consumate any major land acquisitions in 2006, becaseu prices for large farms remained high while the pricers for smaller parcels in central Virginia declined dramatically.
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