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The 2008 Culpeper County Board of Supervisors is Successfully Organized

In November 2007, Salem voters elected me to represent them.  I am grateful for their support and for the opportunity they have given me to represent them on the Board. 

Over the past several years, my predecessor John Coates led the Board of Supervisors as Chairman.  John did an outstanding job at running efficient and professional meetings to handle county business.

The Board of Supervisors recently completed its first board meeting of 2008, its first meeting since 1984 that did not include the Chairman of its previous meeting.  As could be expected, with a rookie (me) replacing a seat held by the previous Chair, the meeting was not a smooth as prior meetings.  Ironically, Bill Chase was also elected Chairman at the 1984 meeting that did not have a previous Chair.

I nominated Bill Chase to be Chair, because I believe his experience and leadership will be valuable as we face some big decisions that will impact Culpeper for years to come, including potential government consolidation, the construction of a large county wastewater plant, and the appropriation of funds for an expanding school system.  Bill has consistently advocated for open government and consistently voted to maintain low taxes. Finally, Mr. Chase has successfully led the Board in the past. 

Culpeper County is fortunate to have a diverse Board of Supervisors with a variety of backgrounds.  Our Board has building and development expertise, farming expertise, and local small business expertise.  Despite the loss of Mr. Coates, our Board also has a lot of experience.

I now have almost a week of experience government.  I ask for your patience and indulgence, because I will make mistakes.  I will be honest, and I will do my best to represent Culpeper.  I also will try to minimize the impact of my lack of experience on the decorum of the Board.  I will vote my conscience, and I will not compromise my morals.  Hopefully, God will grant me the insight to lead effectively and compromise on issues where rational people disagree what is in the best interest of Culpeper.

I believe that the current Board of Supervisors will govern effectively.  I look forward to the next year, and I appreciate those of you that contribute your insights and opinions on the issues facing Culpeper County.  If any readers would like to talk local government, my county e-mail is tunderwood@culpepercounty.gov, and my home phone is (540) 547-2742. 


Tom Underwood
Culpeper County Board of Supervisors
Salem District

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