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Update (early October 2007):  I think the race is still a 3-way race. We continue to gain momentum.  With five weeks until the election, we’re the only campaign that has taken the campaign door-to-door. I'm busily out soliciting input from my prospective employer, the voters of the Salem District, on how they’d like to see county government improve.

The race has now intensified.  Both opponents have held socials, and both have begun putting out signs to increase name recognition.  There are several events to attend each week, and the incumbent recently began appearing at many of the same events that I have been attending all year. 

The deadline has passed for candidates to withdraw, and Salem voters will have a choice among three candidates on November 6.  I believe it is becoming clear that John Coates and Kim Williams both represent slightly different versions of the status quo, whereas I am running to change Culpeper County government, especially as it relates to transparency, taxes, and growth.  Please e-mail with the names of any residents I should visit or with any event that you believe it would be beneficial for me to attend.

June 12, 2007

Thank you for your support in our victory at the Mass Meeting on May 17.  We established that our community is ready for a new direction, and we defeated the four-term incumbent, John Coates. 

The Republican Committee that held the meeting emphasized that the winner would be the nominee and that the loser would be expected to support the winning ticket.  I told them that I understood, and I agreed to play by the rules.  The committee told me that they had the same conversation with John and that he had agreed to play by the rules.

John Coates asked for a Mass Meeting instead of a primary.  I wanted a primary because it would be fair, and because losers then would not be on the ballot in November.  John got his Mass Meeting, and we played and won.  Therefore, John is running as an independent.  His behavior in the campaign in emblematic of his behavior in office, and it is the reason that so many of us now feel that Culpeper needs better government.

Now, with John having been dealt a setback, Kim Williams has decided to run again.  I am a strong proponent of local government involvement, and I am glad when voters have choices. 

The field for the Salem Board of Supervisors election on November 13, 2007, is now set.  The candidates are:

Tom Underwood (R)
John Coates (I)
Kim Williams (D)

I assure you that I am up to the task of this election, and I am going to get the job done.  I need your help.

First, please pass the word to any supporters or potential supporters of the campaign.  Additionally, please send me the e-mail addresses of any potential supporters.  I plan on communicating door-to-door, by phone and by mail, but e-mail is by far the most cost-efficient and time-efficient method to get our message out.

Second, please let me know of any person I should to visit (including you) and any event or gathering I should attend.  I’ll be there.

Third, please help shape our platform.  Some of my ideas and thoughts are published on this site.  I appreciate hearing your views, and please let me know about other topics you’d like to have addressed.  I am running a campaign where I take positions that will be important once in office.  I will not obfuscate, and I will be honest and maintain principled positions.

Fourth, please let me know where we need to get signs out.  It’s a long time until November 13, and we need to keep momentum building.  I have hundreds of yard signs remaining, and I’m ordering a bunch of 4x8 signs as soon as Walter Burton has the design ready.

Thank you for your support.


Tom Underwood

Tom Underwood
Salem District Candidate
Culpeper County Board of Supervisors
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