Election Year 2016

After years of getting more frustrated with politics and politicians, I am encouraged! Maybe, for the first time in a generation, we voters will have a chance to vote for a non-establishment candidate. I am hopeful that either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will win the Republican Presidential Nomination. If either is the nominee, I will work aggressively to assist their campaigns in the general election.  

I know what the “Establishment” is, and it is a large force. The Establishment believes in government and governing. It views the voters as a group to be managed through talking points. It believes power resides with the government, not with the governed. In the view of the Establishment, it is inevitable that there are more laws and regulations. It is also reasonable that individuals would trade liberty and privacy for security.

The Founders of our country were concerned about government ultimately being controlled by a group like the Establishment. That’s why checks existed, such as Constitutional Conventions and the Second Amendment. Maybe, however, our country is not so far gone that extreme measures are called for. Perhaps, a few years of a President Trump or a President Cruz, along with a Congress with enormous Tea Party support, can reinvigorate the USA.

What this country needs is simple to describe but difficult to achieve. We need greater individual liberty, through less regulation, a smaller government, and a lower tax burden. It appears that a majority of voters now see the problem, so I hope that we’ll have the chance to vote for true change in the form of either Trump or Cruz. 

Tom Underwood 
January 11, 2016

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Culpeper County, Virginia
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