Underwood Farms
Culpeper County, Virginia
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Polled Hereford Cattle
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Young Cows with Exceptional Performance for Sale

Underwood Farms is offering cows from the heart of its heard for sale.  Spring 2004 cows that have just weaned their first calf are for sale.  These cows were bread to calve in March and April 2007, they should calve without problems, and they should offer good performance for years.  Additionally, we have heifers born in Spring 2005 for sale that will calve next Spring.  This year, out of more than 30 heifers, we had one that needed assistance calving, and two lost their calves during delivery.  Those three animals have been culled form the herd.  Finally, we do have five Fall pairs for sale.  Pictures, cattle names, and EPD's will follow in the next week or so.  Alternatively, call or e-mail for information.

Unlike in the past, we are now selling some cows that are in the upper part of our herd in terms of performance and EPD's.  The reason we're selling good cows is that we have decided to focus on EPD's for a much smaller herd than we have historically.  We're in the process of buying different types of Hereford cattle and beginning an experiment that has nothing to do with contemporary ideas of good cattle, top bloodlines, etc.  Therefore, we have some good young cows for sale.  Finally, rather than spending $200-$500 in extra feed, clipping, transportation, and commissions to sell a cow for $1500-$2000 at a registered Hereford sale, we'd rather offer them to the public through our website at what we believe to be a fair price and below the price we have paid for cows purchased in the last 2-3 years in building our herd.

Prices are as follows:

2004 cows to calf in Spring:  $1,250
Please keep in mind that these registered polled Hereford cows all calved unassisted at 2 years old and raised a good calf.  If you are looking to begin a registered herd, buy good-quality gentle cattle for your farm, or improve your established registered herd, these cows can help.

2005 bred heifers to calf next Spring:  $1,100
If you are experienced with cattle or if you plan on learning and would like easy-keeping gentle animals, these heifers are for you.  Heifers are bred to either Opie (TSU5 Underwood Opie 435) or Max (BBF HEZA K085 498).  Both bulls have good growth and carcass EPD's, and both have pedigrees full of who's who of the top performing bulls in the Hereford breed.  We believe that Opie will become an exceptional bull, far surpassing his current EPD's.  Max's first calves were born in early September 2006.  They look good on the ground, are conservatively marked, and are lower birth weight than we would have expected, averaging about 68 pounds to 2-year-old heifers.

Fall Pairs:  $1,250 per pair
Our five Fall Pairs represent the best value at $1,250 per pair.  If you’d like, we’ll also sell you a proven bull to breed the cows for another $1,250.  The Fall cows were born in 2004 (2), 2003, 2002, and 2000.  Our offering of Fall pairs is limited because we have been moving away from Fall calving in the last couple of years.  Three cows have heifers at side, and two have steers.