Underwood Farms
Culpeper County, Virginia
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Polled Hereford Cattle
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Young Hereford Cows (and Bulls) with Exceptional Performance on Grass for Sale

Underwood Farms had record sales in 2009, and we are in the process of rebuilding our herd.  We generally do not have cows or bred heifers for sale at this time, but we do know other local reputable breeders with available registered Herefords.  Generally, good-quality bred Herefords can be purchased for $1,000 each, and we will gladly refer you to a breeder in your area that we know well and have dealt with in the past. 

Our registered Herefords are now exclusively raised on grass, and they are more moderate in size than most other herds.  Our cows average 3-5 frame.  We have a few cow families that are tightly bred, exceptionally prepotent, and have been closed to outside genetics for more than 50 years.  We also have other cows that have performed well on grass and survived our transition to minimal additional inputs.

If you are interested in purchasing unique, thick, problem-free cattle that can perform well in tough conditions, give us a call.  Beginning in 2011, we will have more cows and bred heifers for sale, along with a few select bulls that will be complete outcrosses to any other Hereford herds that we are aware of.

Finally, if you’re looking to purchase good-quality miniature polled Herefords, we now have a few for sale.  Both cows and bulls are available.

Please e-mail tom@underwoodfarms.com or call Tom at 540-717-5263 if you'd like ot visit our farm or learn more about our cows for sale.

If you are looking for unique Herefords, we likely have what you are looking for or know where to obtain it if it is available.  Our unique Herefords consist of miniature Herefords, miniature polled Herefords, linebred polled Herefords from the 1950's, linebred polled Herefords from the 1970's, and hardy grass-finishing Herefords.  Each of our unique Herefords is priced at $2,500, regardless of size or age.  We also have semen available from unique Hereford bulls, priced at $20 per straw/ampule, regardless of the bull.
Special:  White Rock Farm Herd Dispersal
Young Registered Hereford Cows Bred for Spring 2010 Calving to Angus Bull
$1,000 each (5% Discount for 10 or more)

Underwood Farms has Maintained a Registered Hereford Herd at White Rock Farm in Etlan, Virginia, since 2003.  The herd consists of 27 registered Hereford dams that are bred to calve to a registered Angus bull in February-April of 2010.  Most calves will be born around March 1, 2010.  The cows all have above-breed-average EPD's, and they consist of Underwood Farms' retained heifers from the 2005 and 2007 calving seasons.  The 2007 cows are all calves of our Felton's Domino son, KCF Bennett 774 L153.  Ben was one of our top bulls for years, producing more than 100 registered calves and consistently producing marbling results near the top of the Hereford breed.